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Newsletter Article

January 22, 2017

Commit Yourselves to God

By David Christopher Miguel

Jesus said to Peter and Andrew his brother in Matthew 4:19, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” We are all blessed that God has given us the opportunity to follow Him, but we often take these types of things for granted. Sometimes we even reject them, but still God is faithful.

Following God is not something we do to impress and entertain men because we serve God, not men. We are being taught that to follow God we must first commit ourselves to God without wavering. At first we may deny it, but if we are faithful in obedience, we will reap the fruit of everything that we sow.

God made laws and commandments in the Bible, but many have failed and suffered because they did not follow God’s plans for them. Sometimes we also encounter times when God commands certain things of us, but we fail to follow and suffer the consequences.

If we think we cannot fulfill the things which God has given us, then we must seek Him. Seeking Him helps us to understand and to acknowledge that we are never alone during the times that we need the help of a friend. When we seek Him all the time we will find peace within our hearts and minds.

Prayer and meditation always helps us to follow God without wavering because, as we know, prayer and meditation is our communication with God. Through this we can know the right path, the right actions, to take. Also through this we receive help because God is always our comforter.

If we commit ourselves to God we will be able to obey Him and to cultivate His Kingdom. There may be many challenges, circumstances, and tribulations, but we must see that to every hindrance God has a solution. So as citizens of Christ’s Kingdom, we must take the lead to be built up in obedience to God.


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