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Newsletter Article

February 26, 2017


✽ Sis. Marilie F. Thurman ✽


We want to have strong, vibrant relationships with friends and loved ones. But to make this a reality there are certain steps we need to take. First, we must come to a place of meeting where we can share and bond. Second, we must be there—be present body, soul and spirit, not with our minds wandering anywhere. Third, we come with open hearts to learn from one another and to abide with each other, and in doing so we are changed … changed from within. We are never the same persons. Then fourth, what we become we share with others.


This is the same with God. To have a strong, vibrant relationship with Him, He asks of us to come and meet with Him at a place and time of His choosing. He says, “Be there!” And He means: “In My presence, be present--body, soul, and spirit.” We are completely His. As we open our hearts and minds to learn from Him and of Him, we are changed from within. We are transfigured. The knowledge we have gained of Christ becomes the glory that shines through us. This change or transfiguration that first began within spills over to touch those around us, and to affect the environment we are in. Change within, change without.


The Transfiguration of Christ as an ever-present truth or on-going reality in our lives helps us to face the challenges, trials and adversities that punctuate our existence in this world. It gives us courage, confidence, hope, and vision amid opposition and strife because we know that His Transfiguration “reveals to us our ultimate destiny as Christians, the ultimate destiny of all men and all creation to be transformed and glorified by the majestic splendor of God Himself.”                                                    

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