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APRIL 3, 2016


Emergency rescuers always have an emergency response plan prepared for any contingency. To make it effective, drills are carried out frequently. We can imagine that on the night of the resurrection, just before Jesus’ appearance to His disciples as recorded in John 20: 19, they had most probably already prepared their own contingency plan: whenever the Jewish authorities arrived, they would keep the doors shut, no matter what happened. It was a very fearful and stressful night for them; they were probably thinking that it could be their last night!


It was the leadership of Peter that brought them together, still the professional fisherman who never leaves his comrades behind in times of emergency (the chances of survival at sea is high when the survivors are gathered together, and Peter surely knew that). But the unexpected happened: Jesus appeared to them, and as proof that it was really He, Jesus showed the prints in His hands and side. Convinced by what Jesus showed them, His disciples rejoiced, and at the same time they received instant spiritual healing.  Their fear and anxiety turned into rejoicing and shouting.  It happened just as it had been written in Psalm 118:15,"the sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous."


It was an act of righteousness on the part of the disciples when they remained united in that room, instead of seeking for vengeance.  It was like in the days before Moses, when the Hebrew slaves were afflicted by what the Egyptians were doing to them, yet they did not fight back.  Because of this God came down, heard their cry, (Exodus 3:8) and sent Moses as their deliverer.

In Christ God once again fulfilled His promise to the Israelites: but this time not only for them, but for the whole world.  God saw our hearts; how we suffered due to all our sins. This time He sent His Son for our salvation. Jesus’ resurrection brought healing, restoration and eternal life. He restores our broken relationship with God (Deut. 30:2), He gather His church (v 3-4), and brings us to the land which our fathers possessed (our land with provision).  We shall possess it with prosperity and we will multiply (v5)! 

We have received a living Christ in our hearts, so we possess the ability to obey and keep His Word through the power of His Holy Spirit.  From here on out let us continue to know Him, imitate Him and make His life known to others. For His Kingdom is not in Heaven, that we should say, "Who will go up to Heaven for us to get it for us and make us hear it?" Nor is it beyond the sea, that we should say, “Who will cross the sea for us to get it for us and make us hear it, that we may observe it?”  But the word is very near to us, in our mouths and our hearts, that we may observe it. (Deut. 30:10-14). Jesus rose again, He is in us, and His Kingdom is in our midst.

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