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27th Sunday In Ordinary Time

October 2, 2016

“The Goal of Doing What We Ought “

Dcn. Francis Sotalbo

Have we ever sincerely evaluated ourselves, asking questions like: Who am I? What is my purpose in life? What am I going to do with this life? Do I just go along with the life cycle of eating, working, having fun, facing problems, starting a family, raising children and then dying? Do I care for the welfare of others? Do I share my resources and blessings in life? Do I help others who are without? Do I see and really appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, and care for it properly? Do I value my word and integrity? Do I appreciate the help and goodness of others? Do I thank them sincerely?

Am I an honest person, or do I lie? Do I take care of my body? Do I value other’s time? Do I talk to my neighbor and share with him God’s faithfulness? Do I perform all my work, projects, household chores and any other tasks properly? Do I give my employer the best result for what he paid? Do I share what I learned from the Church? If doubtful, do I ask the person concerned?  Do I share the salvation through Jesus Christ? Do I put my trust in God, or in people or money? Do I return my tithes? Do I give alms? Do I give support to the Church’s outreaches and projects? Do I participate in the mission of the Church?

Do I obey my parents? Do I waste my time watching television or engaging in social conversations? Do I respect the opinions of others? Do I fulfill what I have promised? Does life matter to me? Do I really know and love God?

If those questions are answered and done in a positive and correct way, good; for these are the things we are supposed to do. Life is precious, and serving God is a privilege. 

Value the life of others, too; it’s what you live for.


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