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1st Sunday of Advent

November 27, 2016



God is inviting us to come unto Him that we may receive wisdom and walk according to His way. If we live according to his rules and regulations He promises that He will endow us with blessing, abundance, prosperity, good health, honor and peace of mind. This offer is always available 24/7, even if you avail of it earlier and then abandon it, choosing the wrong way. God never closes the door for those who seek Him and come to repentance, for God really loves us and will tell His son to come back to put all things in order once and for all. For us humans, if our sons were to go to a place where he suffered and received brutal torture from the people there, we would never again allow our son to go back to that place.



Putting our lives under God’s cares requires due diligence; you must never allow yourself to play with the devil. It obliges us to live in a pure manner. Always look for the good in others. God said that loving our neighbor fulfills all His law. It is never hard to live upright when God is at your side, for He will take care everything concerning of you. Maintaining our relationship with God in A-1 condition requires a lot of sacrifice and perseverance, training and repeated work-outs, prayers and actions, obeying and submitting, fasting and denying self-indulgence, eating and drinking properly, and proper rest.  



“Behold, I have told you everything in advance”, Matt. 24:25. It is Jesus who gave us this advance notice. The day will come that much suffering and tribulation will engulf the earth, but before that Jesus gave us enough information regarding these matters. We must never take this lightly; the One who created us and formed the universe knows that it will happen soon; maybe in our time or in the generation to come. Be ready always and take heed of all the lessons we have learned from the church and from the people of God. It will be very difficult in that day, but for those who live righteously it will be a victorious one. Rejoice, Christ is coming very soon!                                                                                     Dcn. Francis Sotalbo

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