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December 4, 2016


Have Faith Christ is Near

In our daily lives our faith is being tested by the world, and there are times when we easily succumb to these tests. Sometimes we ask ourselves “Does God really work in our lives?” and that is the time we start doubting God. We doubt because we think that God doesn’t answer our prayers. We doubt because we think there is a lack of evidence that He is truly here by our side. We think that He doesn’t care for us in times of need.

“Be faithful in little things so that God will give you greater things”. This is one of the things we must remember in our daily lives as faithful Christians because it helps us to nourish our faith in God. We may say that God doesn’t answer our prayers, but maybe He is preparing us for a greater purpose in our future. That must be our mind set. We may think that there is a lack of evidence that He is truly here by our side, or that He doesn’t care for us, but these things are not true because God is our guide and protector and He doesn’t want us to be hurt or be lead astray. We are called to be Faithful Christians, which means that our faith in God must be strong and not pass away. Yes, God may allow trials, circumstances, tribulations, anxieties, and problems in our lives, but all those things are allowed by God to help us to be stronger; they are not meant to pull us down. He also doesn’t give us problems that we cannot solve. Through all those things that threaten to make us doubt in God, we must have a prayerful attitude by asking God for help in times of despair and anxiety.

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make ready the way of the Lord, make His paths straight!’” (Matthew 3:3) The time is near and our faith must be stronger than ever so that we can prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ the King.                                                David Miguel

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