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Cathedral of the King began with a group of people passionate in their love for Jesus and anxious to serve Him with all their hearts. Makati Christian Center (which later became Christian Life Fellowship Center) forged a new experience for a group of believers who learned from the Scriptures what Body Life all about - loving one another, strengthening the weak, feeding the hungry, comforting the hurting, raising the downtrodden, and spreading the Good News of new life in Jesus Christ. Bible studies, training sessions, and fellowship groups sprang up, and ministries were formed to facilitate, support, and guide them.  The average CLF member participated in various ministries of the Church. These people had received much from the Lord, and they wanted to give back even more. 




(to be completed in 2018)

From the beginning there was a strong focus on worshiping the Lord in spirit and truth.  Services were marked not only by anointed teaching and training, but exuberant worship which included different forms - vocal and instrumental, dance, mime, graphic arts and others.  Whatever the hands of the congregation could find to do was done with all their might!


Gradually there were ministries to families, youth, and children; ministries of prayer, evangelism, shepherding, and teaching; ministries to the poor, victimized, and imprisoned.  As this Church’s reputation began to grow, many from other parts of the Body of Christ from around the globe began to visit, share, and contribute. There were avenues to begin work in different parts of the country and eventually, overseas.

The  areas in the Manila Garden Hotel where they were meeting became insufficient to facilitate all that God was doing there. Thus the move to an abandoned Magallanes Theater which had adequate room to facilitate the many ministries the Lord had birthed. The space accommodated the many and varied services, events, and special productions of the Church.  The Church had room to grow - and grow it did!  The ministry has expanded within and without.  When disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions struck the nation, the Church was quick to bring relief.  The drug rehabilitation facility began producing impressive results.  Ministries were still thriving, a new school was started, enthusiasm was still high, and most important, people were still being touched in the Name of Jesus. 

The Church took in a new Liturgical perspective. In 1994 CLFI joined the communion of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church as its first bishop was consecrated. Henceforth, Christian Life Fellowship International came to be called the Cathedral of the King.  Priests and deacons were later ordained into office, and the sacraments became central in Church life. The building began to take on the form of a traditional Cathedral, with the goal of making a visible manifestation of the greatness and glory of God. An official prayer for the church’s own land, called the Corporate Petition, was penned in October 1991, and designated to be prayed in all Cathedral services. 

The Church had to leave the old theater, beginning a series of moves from one place to another. But the people’s faith was not shaken, because after all, the vision was not based on a building, but on ministry.  It still burned in the hearts of the people, and, even without proper facilities, the ministries and the Church went on.

In late 1998 a vacant warehouse in Sheridan Street was found and turned into a manifestation of God’s glory and a temple of praise.  Relationships were strengthened, new leadership surfaced, and communities prospered as the people practiced the lessons learned way back in the hotel days. 

Some ministries, however, fell by the wayside, as the zeal of their members waned with time.  In time, the Church had to leave the Sheridan facility and moved in to a smaller one in Ortigas, which the church had to leave, too.

To compound matters, revelations concerning former leadership surfaced, and the love and commitment of many grew cold.  Not only membership fell off, but so did the ministry of the Cathedral.  The zeal, the passion, the drive of earlier days seems to have waned. 

And yet, it is in this time of discouragement and disillusionment that the Lord finally gives an answer to the Corporate Petition.  The Cathedral of the King has acquired its own property in Marimar Village 1 in Paranaque City. The Church is ready to build its own place of worship.  

Today, the Cathedral of the King, under the direct authority of Bishop Ariel Cornelio Santos, shepherds churches and missions in Pasig City, Muntinlupa, Pililla (Rizal) Novaliches, Cavite, Baguio City, and Hong Kong. Its ministries include the Birthing Center, Prison Ministry, Counselling, Family ministries (Children, Ladies, Men, and Elderly), AliveYouth, Acolytes, among many others.


We believe...

That the Holy Scriptures are the final authority on all matters of faith, doctrine and practice. Where Scripture does not speak clearly, we defer to apostolic tradition that the historic creeds of the undivided Church provide a clear and indisputable summary of the Christian faith that we are saved by grace, through faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ that the Sacraments of the Church impart the grace of God that the Holy Spirit is at work today through spiritual gifts and signs given to the Church. 

Our Church is Sacramental and Liturgical:

At the center of worship is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) in which we believe in the real presence of Christ. We celebrate the living historic forms of the liturgies of the Church and the seven Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion), Confession, Healing, Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony. 

Our Church is Evangelical:

We are a church holding to a high view of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, believing them to contain all things necessary for salvation; nothing can be taught as necessary for salvation that is not contained therein. We are committed to the preaching of the Gospel to fulfill the great commission. We believe that we are saved by grace alone and justified by faith in Christ who is calling us to a personal relationship with Him. 
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