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Located within the Pastoral Care Department of the Cathedral of the King and guided by the Cathedral’s clarion call, "TO Know Him and Make Him Known", the Education Cluster is tasked to perform the teaching side of shepherding God’s flock.  As our mission statement puts it, “As those who love Jesus Christ, the ministers of the Education Cluster seek to “Feed His lambs, take care of His sheep, and feed His sheep.”  (John 21: 15-17)


We seek to make available on a regular and accessible basis a balanced, systematic and thorough body of teaching, reflecting that which has been taught “everywhere, by all, and at all times”, in a format appropriate to all ages and maturity levels.


We aim to provide not only Christian Training Center courses and classes, but new members classes, Christian Growth Seminars, and other opportunities as the needs arise.  Of course, we provide the traditional Catechism classes for candidates for Baptism or Confirmation, and oversee the instruction given to parents of baptismal candidates, counselors, family groups, Sunday School classes, and others.


We believe that God’s people are destroyed from lack of knowledge, and so every believer must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe that convergence involves more than just worship, so the Three Streams should be an integral part of every believer’s life.  Thus, an understanding of them should be woven seamlessly into the entire body of teaching, forming a good balance of the Charismatic, Evangelical, and Sacramental.


We believe that the Word of God and Church Tradition forms a firm foundation for a believer’s life, serving an irreplaceable role as food for the spirit and life for the soul.  As our new Cathedral building takes shape, we look forward to a facility where we can better facilitate many classes of various purposes and scopes, so that no believer need ever go hungry for the milk and meat of God’s Word, in a form that they can easily apply to their lives.

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