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Discipleship Summit

December 9-10, 2016

Pililla, Rizal


And Jesus appointed twelve that they might be with Him, and that He might send them out to preach.Mark 3:14



Summit Guidelines


  1. Everyone is strongly encouraged to be present and to participate (spiritually, mentally, and physically) in all the sessions.   Please plan out your basic necessities because it is not encouraged that anyone leave the premises once the summit begins.

  2. The attire for the summit is decent casual.

  3. Food and accommodation will be provided.  Ladies will be given priority in the use of the rooms as sleeping quarters.   The accommodations will be simple but decent.  Food will be basic but sufficient.  (Participants with special dietary requirements are expected to make their own provisions)



Things to bring:


  1. A heart that desires to meet Jesus Christ

  2. Holy Bible, notebook, pen

  3. Clothes for overnight stay (consider warm clothes)

  4. Beddings (blanket & pillow)

  5. Personal toiletries, towels,  and necessities

  6. Prescription medicine (for participants on maintenance medication)

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