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Prophecy of the Lord through Bishop Ariel Santos


June 26, 2016 - CEC Foundation Day



I know what you have gone through and I know what you still are going through. I know it has developed in you fear, anxiety, cynicism, skepticism, suspicion, mistrust, distrust.  You have been let-down, disappointed, and you have bitterness in your heart and you have anger in your heart.


I want you set free from this.  I want you to understand that while things may not be as they should be, I am not done with the process of restoration. I, the Lord, will do it.


One day, we will be back in Eden and all things will again be very good. My creation and My people will be one seamless and harmonious whole, and man and God will again commune in the cool of the day.


A wolf will reside with a lamb; a leopard will lie down with a young goat.  An ox and a young lion will graze together, as a small child leads them along.  A cow and a bear will graze together; their young will lie down together.  A lion, like an ox, will eat straw.  A baby will play over the hole of a snake; over the nest of a serpent, an infant will put his hand. They will no longer injure or destroy
on my entire royal mountain.  For there will be universal submission to the Lord’s sovereignty, and the knowledge of Him will cover the whole earth, just as the waters completely cover the sea.


But that can start with you, My people, Cathedral of the King.  Heed My Son when He says, "Follow Me." You've put your hand to the plow; don't look back.  Like Him, resolutely set your face toward your destination.  Your destination is a good land flowing with milk and honey.

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