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Session V – Empty To Fill


God doesn’t give gifts for gain.  Gifts never stop being a gift.  It is always meant to be given.

When we are grateful for His gifts, we give the gifts away because the gifts never stop being a gift.   We can be the gift.  We are blessed. We can bless and this is happiness. 

Liturgea, a Greek word for liturgy, means a public work or public servant.  This life of work is itself a public work.   Our life can be the liturgy; a liturgy of the Last Supper. We can become the blessing.  We can live the liturgy.

When Christ is the center, simple tasks become our song of thanks to Him and then, joy reigns.

Passionately serving Christ alone makes us the loving servant doing all.  Just do not take the blessing; be the blessing.

Give our life away in exchange for many lives.  Give away our blessings to multiply blessings. Give away so that many might increase and do it all for the love of God.

Eucharisteo teaches us to trust.  There is always enough from God. He has no end. He calls us to serve.  It is Him whom we serve - He, the very God, who kneels down to serve us as we serve.  Eucharisteo is touching the body and soul – the hands, the knees, the feet which are washed by Christ.

Communion, by necessity, always leads us into community.  Thanksgiving becomes thanks-living.

All moments are grace because all can be transfigured.  Slow down.  Life is not an emergency and you can wake up and you can trust.  You can eat the mystery of the moments and pay attention to His everyday grace and your endless offering of thanks.

Personal Reflection:

Re-gifting is taking a gift you have received and passing it on to someone else.  What are some examples of gifts God gives to you that you can re-gift and pass on to others?  What would it mean if your week, your life became about this:  “I am blessed.  I can bless. So this is happiness!”?

What are example of simple and daily acts of service we can offer to God as we serve family, friends and neighbors?  What can stand in the way of us extending these acts of grace?

Read Mark 10:45 and Luke 1:35-38. Describe a time when you were profoundly aware that Jesus was at work serving you.  How did this make you feel and how did it impact your desire to serve others?


Our Prayer:

  • Ask God to help you pour out His goodness and gifts as you receive them.

  • Ask God’s help to make the Church a place where people can be honest and transparent about their struggles and frailties and know they will still be loved.

  • Invite God to use your hands to wash the feet of the people He places in your life.

  • Thank God for His gifts – and ask Him to show you how you can become the gift.

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