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thank God for the experience!

BY: sharyn besinio

We praise God, our Father in heaven for this experience, He is so gracious, amazing, miraculous and merciful ... I'm so thankful that HE let me experienced giving birth to Daniel Immanuel in HIS way....having Cito ,our children at my side, and Mama Cha Rosario Paraiso Flores, my midwife, whose words of wisdom from God and expertise helped me a lot to sustain and surpass everything from early labor to transitional stage, excruciating pain was truly there, but with their presence I was able to hear and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit who gave me the power to overcome the pain of contractions and the strength to push when I wasn't able ... I hold on to some verses in the Holy Bible, Psalm 23 and Joshua 1:8-9 ... God is so faithful in His words, when we truly seek His presence, He will always be there... He will never leave us nor forsake us... He is really a God, who created us, a provider of our needs , a Father whose love is unconditional and overflowing. We thank Him for entrusting to us our children. All praises and glory to Him through His Son Jesus Christ! :-)

We would like to thank also all our D groupmates for their total and unconditional support and sincere prayers for us... our Tuesday Group under the leadership of bro. Alfred Go and Sis. Grace Ozaeta Go / Bro. Arnold Vicente and Sis. Jocel Otis Vicente... Wednesday : Bro. John Neil Dela Paz and Sis. Jennifer Sevilla-Dela Paz.... Saturday : Bro. Eric Aguda and Sis. Arlee Aguda .... Ate Mia Aguda ..... Bro. Hermie Pasamba and. Sis Grace Yeshayahu Pasamba ... and Bro. Daryl.. Marilou Merin Badong, Raquel Merin Lazarte, the last but not the least Mama cha, Bishop Hines and all Cathedral of King church members...... and to those who silently and sincerely prayed for us during this moment.... thank you so much for your prayers, love and care... God bless you all!:-)  Sharyn Besinio

This is indeed a great breakthrough. Who says you can't make it? My sister in Christ gave birth to a strong and healthy baby Immanuel. She was cs three times and normal delivery on this fourth time with no anesthesia. Who says your cervix is too small for your baby? God design it.Believe, have faith and patiently wait upon the Lord.To God be all the glory and praise forever..
Thank you mama Rosario Paraiso Flores for a job well done again. We are so blessed by your faith together with Besino family and ccf dgroup. We thank God He truly hears our prayers...
Nory Resuma Florentino

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