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The Family of God: In the Image of the Trinity”

The book of Genesis illustrates our origin, who we are. We must often visit this writing so that we will not forgot our identity. And one must be proud of who he is; like every creature in the universe, all it contains, we are created by God. We are from the same God, he breathed on us, “ang kanyang katauhan ay nasa atin”. And we being His children, He commanded us to take care of His creation, to take care of our dwelling place, to properly use it for all our needs, to be of one mind and spirit and to follow all His commands.

Unfortunately man failed, and the curse took effect. But God never forgot us, He loved us and He sent His Son to redeem us from our failure. But the stigma of the disobedience of man was still there. Thus, one must know and acknowledge the salvation that God gave to man. It is freely given to us, there is no amount of work or “in kind” payment that must be delivered in order for us to avail of it.

God established the Church and place administrators in it to be the channel of awareness of His love for mankind. The leader and his fellow workers and servants must shepherd the flock. They must nurture and educate them, and always pray for them. A servant of God must constantly test himself to see if the identity of Christ is indeed in him. Paul reminded us in the second reading that one must do no wrong and always do what is right. The Church must administer discipline with the purpose of building up, and not putting down or setting aside those who commit wrong.

In prophesying the love of God one must not fail, because Christ himself gave us the assurance that He will fight for us even to the end of the age. He bestows all ability and favor upon those in His image.

Be aware always: God made us, Christ fought for us, and the Holy Spirit dwells in us.

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