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“Noli Me Tangere”

Psalm 105: 15: “Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.” Do we apply this principle blanket-style, that any of God’s prophets, no matter how erring they may be, are never to be harmed or touched? (i.e., disciplined?) We must look at what the psalmist is talking about. He refers to the time (Genesis 20) Abraham came into the land of King Abimelech and claimed that Sarah was his sister. This led to a plague upon Abimelech’s house, for even though Abraham had acted deceitfully and done wrong, Abimilech was the one who had suffered for it, God threatening him in the manner quoted by the psalmist. Read the story, and draw your own conclusions. But remember, this is not just anybody we’re talking about here, this is Abraham.

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