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The Family of God: Forgiving as We’ve Been Forgiving

In today’s Gospel, a servant has accumulated debt to his master. When the time comes for the master to collect his indebtedness, the servant has no wealth or means to repay. In order to collect, his lord orders that the man’s entire family must be sold. These debts have been acquired legally, possibly there are some that were connected with immoral acts, so the master has a legal basis to hand down punishment. There will be no blood guiltiness on his part because there are legal consequences of the servant’s ill action and activity. But because of this punishment the servant breaks his relationship with his master.

Relationship is the main foundation of why a group exists together, be it bitter or sweet. Harmonious relationships are founded in better understanding of one another, loving unconditionally, caring, and trusting with an open line of communication. Our lives are not always ‘as good as it gets.’ There are always some points in time that a misunderstanding will ‘pop out.’ A quarrel among siblings, a dispute regarding heir property, an infidelity or a betrayal of trust, rivalry, an abuse of authority, and other things can separate even those close to each other.

Asking forgiveness is the most effective way of restoring one’s broken relationships. Offended parties should consider what good memories they’ve shared together before they decide whether or not to accept the other party’s plea. Jesus said to give“… up to seventy times seven” chances for forgiveness. We might say, “It’s too many and too long’” but still there is an end to it. Without sincerity in asking for forgiveness the offended party’s heart will break and eventually all his compassion and love will melt down. Is that the end of it? God compassion is precious and eternal, so we should never abuse God’s love.

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