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“Double Message?”

Psalm 60: 1: “O God, You have rejected us, You have broken us.” One hears very often today of God’s persevering faithfulness, His unending mercy, and His changeless love, That’s the Gospel. But what’s this stuff about Him rejecting us and breaking us? Believe it or not, these are two of the ways He shows His faithfulness, mercy, and love. God’s kind intention for us is to be like Him (Ephesians 1). But if he unflinchingly accepts our blatant selfishness or general lack of caring, this validates our movement in the opposite direction. These are the things He rejects and breaks, that we may offer before Him offerings of righteousness and excellence. It is in no way leaving or forsaking, but a leading toward the restoration we need in order to walk in fellowship with Him. (1 John 1: 7)

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