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"Purifying Power of Abiding"

Fish are wonderful, colorful pets, very fascinating and relaxing to watch. However, it is a lot of trouble to maintain their environment. Much time must be spent changing the water in the aquarium and keeping its walls free of algae, or else the beautiful fish inside cannot be clearly seen, and the tank becomes an unhealthy place for them. Unless one is prepared to work hard it would be better to choose another pet, such as a turtle. Not as beautiful, not as interesting, but not as much work.

But there is a special type of fish called a suckerfish. This fish actually feeds on the algae that grows on the glass of the aquarium. By keeping a suckerfish in the aquarium, the fish owner can lessen the time he spends cleaning it and have more time to enjoy his pets.

In this simple illustration we get an understanding of how the Christian can receive the purifying power of God. As Jesus Christ abides within us through the Holy Spirit, He cleanses us from within – sanctifying and purifying us as He dwells in our hearts by faith. As He abides in us and we in Him, we are made fit for works of service, and the beauty of God can be seen clearly through us.

So as we continue in this year “purifying ourselves just as He is pure” let us know that one of the best ways to do this is to abide in Christ, and let Him abide in us. Unleash the purifying power of abiding in your life!

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