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Purify of Mission

A house that is not vertically perfect will collapse easily when an external force is applied to the side opposite of the inclined wall. It requires a device called a plumb line to check for this condition.

In our first reading in Amos 7: 8, the prophet Amos had a vision that the Lord God was standing by a vertical wall with a plumb line in His hand and told Amos that He would put a plumb line in the midst of Israel. In this passage, we see God’s concern to all His people, including the unfaithful king and the priest (Amos 7:10). These whom He expected to follow His commandments were no longer fulfilling their respective responsibilities. In an ultimate act of humility God lowered Himself down to man’s level with a plumb line (like a carpenter) for Amos to understand the Israelite’s present relationship with God was not right. Yet God is merciful and abounding in love (Psalm 86:5), always ready to forgive those who call upon Him and repent of their sins.

In the New Testament reading (Mark 6:7), Jesus sent out the twelve in pairs. This reflects the principle that there is power in agreement. This enhanced their effectiveness also.

They were sent to destroy the stronghold of Satan, the king of lies who tries to kill, steal, and destroy the creation of God. Satan had been an enemy of God and man since the beginning. Jesus gave his disciples authority over the unclean spirits, but they had to be well prepared for this mission, both physically and spiritually. There should be nothing in their lives that would reduce their total dependence upon God.

Their main thrust was to bring the people to repentance. Jesus was so merciful and He never gave up on saving people's lives in His hometown and in the villages. Though many did not honor Him, some insulted and took offense at Him (Mark 6:3), yet His heart sought and longed for those few who believed in Him.

Today, we are called to serve Him by bringing His message of repentance to all people. Even if only a few seem to respond, we must communicate the Good News to all. Even only a few repent, we must help them re-orient their relationship vertically upright to God. Hence, let us continue to live a life holy and acceptable to Him.

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