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“Shame Lovers”

Hosea 4: 12, 18b: “My people consult their wooden idol, and their diviner’s wand informs them; for a spirit of harlotry has led them astray, and they have played the harlot, departing from their God. Their liquor gone, they play the harlot continually; their leaders dearly love shame.” For those wondering why the Lord doesn’t bless our nation more, here’s a good place to begin. First of all, many have embraced new lovers: harlotry, wine, and divination (vv. 11, 12). But rather than hide it, they glory in these shameful things as we post them on social media. With such blatant disregard for the ways of God, how can we possibly pray, “Lord, heal our land”? The first move is with both people and leadership: We must clean up our act!

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