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First Sunday After Christmas Day

What would be better, if you were born before Christ’ time, after Christ’s time, or during Christ’ time? For me, I would rather be born during the time when Christ walked the earth. I would have the privilege to see Jesus in person. He may have been incarnate in a human body, but I am sure that His image was the same as being the Son of God, because God said we are created in His image. I may be on the opposite side of the time line, but still Christ died for me and also gained my salvation through His death on the cross.

Few people at that time had discernment that this man called Jesus would be their Savior. Few people were led by the Holy Spirit to know that this man called Jesus would be their hope and salvation. Simeon was one of those so blessed, perhaps because he was a righteous and devout man. A righteous and devout man. Part of the yardstick of meeting this this criteria is to see if someone is telling the truth or not. I see many liars out there today. They say that the Spirit leads them. However, if you check their lives you see they are not “righteous and devout men.” They claim that God has spoken to them; nevertheless, an examination of their lives would reveal they are not righteous and devout at all. For Simeon, being a righteous and devout man was a lifestyle. I believe Simeon lived the life of a good man consistently.

Yes, we are counted righteous because Jesus came and offered His life on our behalf. But being led by the Holy Spirit is another story. For that to happen, we must abide in Him and live a constant life of righteousness and devotion. I think this goal is not impossible for us to follow; saints before us achieved this lifestyle. It may be difficult, but remember Christ promised us that He would help us to live a godly life. He even offered the Holy Spirit’s help to be with us in an immediate encounter with Him. However, to remain walking in the Spirit, we must live in righteousness and devotion. These traits must be sensed by your family, by your friends, in your work place, in your community, and in your church. So be aware of those sweet talkers and liars. Observe them under the magnifying glass of “a righteous and devout man,” measure them with the yardstick of righteousness and devotion, before you believe them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

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