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Feast of Epiphany

The LORD begins with greeting us with REJOICING and ENCOURAGEMENT as we enter 2019! Saying to us from Isaiah 60, “Arise Shine! For the Light has come! And the Glory of the LORD is upon you!” It goes on and says that deep darkness covered the earth and its people but THE LORD will rise upon you! What greater help will we need more than THE LORD, OUR GOD Himself — the undefeatable, the all-powerful, the all-mighty, coming to our aid in times of trouble!

This is very timely for today’s Feast -The Feast of Epiphany. Epiphany has been defined in Greek as an experience of a sudden and striking, enlightening realization which allows a problem to be understood from a new and deeper perspective. Yes! Isaiah 60 opens our eyes to understand in a deeper sense who our FATHER GOD is. A revelation of the Mysteries unfolded before us what our Father’s magnificent plans for us are. It is like a Bright Light that suddenly made us see and made us feel the weight of the value of the thing we’ve always known before.

The GREATEST of all great, the MIGHTIEST of all mighty, the UNDEFEATABLE, the UNDESTRUCTIBLE! There is NONE compared to HIM! There is NONE equal. There is NONE like HIM!

What greater realization can happen to man than to deeply see that - that ONE GREAT GOD is our Father who loves us so dearly. That even if the deepest darkness may come and cover us and suffocate us and pull us to the bottomless abyss... we know and we know so strongly in our hearts that HE will surely rise upon us and lift us up!

“...and the Glory of the LORD is upon you”.

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