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Obedience that Leads to Salvation

In regards to our salvation, God deals with us in many different ways. Some of us were saved while experiencing failures, afflictions, trials, tribulations, depression, addiction, and other such things. It was when we were at our wit's end that we came to realize we needed a savior. Our way to salvation is best described by the word obedience; specifically, obedience to the Word of God.

In the Gospel reading (Luke 5:1-11), when Jesus was at the Lake of Gennesaret, He boarded Simon's boat to keep the people from pressing around Him while He was teaching them the Word of God. Afterwards Jesus instructed Simon to put out to deeper waters, and lay down the fishing nets for a big catch. Such detailed instruction may not be difficult to follow, but the result seemed impossible for Simon, a seasoned fisherman. At first he reasoned out that a greater catch would be sometime around dawn until morning, and not in broad daylight. However, Simon obeyed Jesus, denying his own skill and mastery in fishing, because in his heart there was already an acceptance of the authority of Jesus’ word. In the past Simon had already experienced Jesus’ teaching and miracles, and knew He was a man of authority. The act of obedience was Simon's way of accepting Jesus as master over him.

After following Jesus' instructions, Peter could not believe what he saw: even the fish followed Jesus command! The faith of Simon and his two companions rose up, prompting them to obey Jesus' command to follow Him; and this time, to catch men.

According to Mike Vandermause, these verses show us that: obedience accompanies faith (Luke 5:3-11); obedience is not an option but a command (Luke 5:10b-11); obedience accompanies fear of God (Luke 5:8); obedience accompanies repentance (Luke 5:8b); obedience reflects for love of Jesus (Luke 5:11); obedience is hard and it takes sacrifice (Luke 5:11b); and obedience is good as we keep His commandments and follow them (Luke 1:1-3). Their obedience lead to their salvation.

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