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"Walking in Kingdom Understanding"

Have you ever felt a certain drought in your life wherein you are so occupied with your work, chores, family matters, talking to a lot of people, and being tasked to finish a project by the deadline? I have felt that. When I feel there is something missing in my life I call for a retreat, back off from all these things, and sort out what has gone wrong. Thank God He still gives us wisdom and discernment, because we know deep inside that we are doing things on our own, even pleasing people, and all this affects our decision making to the point that we start compromising.

When I take this pause, I ask God for forgiveness, then carefully sort out things by asking Him if I may touch the hem of His garment and make me feel His presence. I do this like an infant, with all my dependence on Him. This takes honesty and humility. Touching the hem of His garment is humility. You have to kneel down doing this and sincerely allow God’s healing power to renew and restore you, motivating you to stand up and walk a godly life; then, no matter what comes along your way, you know you are empowered by His Presence. It reminds me of the Scripture in Acts: "In Him we live and move and have our being."

When you practice this, then wherever you are you have peace, knowing that you have touched His garment, you carry His cloak, and this will guide you in everything. It is as simple as that. I challenge you to make your own prayer. May His Light be with you.

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