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Walking in Kingdom Ways

“But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” Oh come on, God must be joking, can this be this done? How can you love your enemies when everything had been taken from you: your life and your dignity (niyurakan ang iyong pagkatao) and all that belongs to you? Our natural reaction is to fight back and take what is ours. Human behavior naturally has a defensive reaction if there is a threat to safety and security. We would say “lintik lang walang ganti,” we will do whatever it takes to fight back. But God says differently and because God created us, He knows it is possible to do so. One vivid example is the story of Job, when everything was taken from him, including his family. He was virtually naked. But he remained steadfast and kept his faith in God, and eventually all that was taken was restored, in “good measure, pressed down, overflowing”.

Yes, it is very, very hard not to defend yourself from the denigration, but God’s eyes are on the upright. He will give you the strength to overcome and become victorious in the end. Always seek God, He will never forsake us nor leave us. Look at how Jesus treated those who mistreated Him: His love for them never ceased and it caused Him to give His life as a sacrifice for us. Even in many movies or presentations, those who are mistreated and taken advantage of always find themselves redeemed and victorious at the end of the story. Humility pays off. God shows no partiality, but doing good always gets rewarded eventually. Look at the story of Joseph in Genesis. Due to his good attitude and behavior, and because the Lord was with him, He caused whatever Joseph did to prosper.

It seems very hard to live a life of righteousness and meekness. But no, it is not tough. Living in uprightness and humility has great benefits in life. You will find favor with God and man. You will have peace of mind and a healthy body; even if you have few resources you will never worry about what tomorrow will bring. Even your enemies, even the worst ones, will cease if you show them that you are not affected, in spite all the hurts thrown at you.

Be good. Do well. God is your defender!

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