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Philippians 4: 5: “Let your forbearing spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near.” Traditionally Holy Wednesday was the time that Judas Iscariot made his deal with the Pharisees and chief priests to betray Jesus. He who had been pinching denarii from the money box for years thought his forty-silver-piece ship had come in - but he learned differently within twenty-four hours. And how did Jesus, who knew all this before it happened, handle it? With forbearance. He fed Judas at the Last Supper, even washed his feet. How could he do that? Because He knew one transcendent fact: The Lord is near. This is how He, and Jeremiah, and we, can have that forbearing spirit St. Paul calls for, when we know that God is near us in the midst of all the deception, and thefts, and betrayals, and will bring His will to pass in our lives.

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