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Do you remember your favorite teacher in Grade School? Or in High School? Everyone has a favorite teacher who, at one point or another, had a great impact on his or her life; a teacher that inspired us, encouraged us and even pushed us to work harder to achieve our dreams. Most likely, a teacher’s encouragement has given us direction and opened our eyes to the abilities we have within us which we never knew we had!

For many of us, as a child we saw our parents - Dad and Mom - as our first teachers. They both guided us through our growing years, patiently teaching us right from wrong. They lovingly taught us to differentiate good from bad. They slowly instilled in our young minds the understanding of the greatness of our Creator, Savior and Redeemer. Daily they showed us that all we have is because Jesus gave it to us. We have known many teachers and they are all God’s provisions to guide us, leading us to a life of success and victory. They taught us to live in a way that is pleasing to Him, giving Him glory and praise!

But in addition to all these teachers, in John 14:26, Jesus emphasized that our Father in Heaven will send us a Helper, the Holy Spirit, to teach us ALL things, and to bring to our remembrance ALL that He has said in His Word! God, in His faithfulness and tremendous love for us, has given us another New Teacher, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will remind us of the comforting promises of our Savior in times of need. He will lighten our path when things darken. He will show us the strength in our weakness. He will lead us to the answer to all our questions, He will inspire us to go beyond discouragement in the midst of all the disappointments surrounding us. He will lift us up to see our Creator and Master still in control, and not leave us to sulk in despair. The Holy Spirit, our new teacher, will lift up our face to see a new hope, focusing our eyes on the love Jesus has for us. He will cheer us to move on toward a new day.

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