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Day 5: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

The 12 apostles returned from a mission Jesus sent them out on with hardly any provision, and as sheep in the midst of wolves, but with authority to cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel. They had been out several weeks, maybe months. He knew they were looking forward to a much-needed rest and a decent meal (which was far from what they had with them) and told them to come away to a secluded place. As they were going, He saw a large crowd and felt compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. When it was getting late, the 12, eager to have that alone time, suggested He send them away so they could get something to eat. But He, eager Himself to see divine selflessness in His disciples, challenged them to feed the people. That meant giving up the rest they were entitled to and the food which was not even enough for them. Jesus’ idea looked ridiculous from any angle. But they complied and witnessed how the hand of God works when His children trust and obey. And how He uses people, who may think they’re inadequate, to fulfill the needs of many and their own as well, which they couldn’t have done if they did it their own way.

Serving the needs of others first never makes you go without. To some, this may be a hard teaching to accept, but it’s the way it is in the kingdom of God. If obeyed, the return will be the joy of the Lord, which is always infinitely more than what was given.

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