Day 14: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

March 27, 2020


“Through Our God We Shall Do Valiantly” (Ps 108:13, Mk 9:14-29)


The disciples, despite good efforts and intentions, could not drive the mute spirit out of a boy. After casting it out Himself, Jesus told His puzzled friends, “this kind cannot come out by anything but prayer.

The virus that’s spreading is a destructive threat to the life God gave. It is an enemy. Well-meaning people selflessly labor to fight it. Their struggle is very much appreciated. However, as the Psalmist says, “deliverance by man (man’s ability alone) is in vain.” Frontline workers continue to be at risk and the curve continues to rise despite protective measures. It may be overwhelming, but Jesus promised that this enemy will be overcome by prayer. I’m not at all belittling the work of different sectors in the fight. Yes, we do our best, but our best is the caboose that needs the power of the engine, and that engine is prayer.

I’m glad our President called for a national week of prayer. I’m glad to see social media flooded with intercessions. But I don’t think we can emphasize it enough. So to the majority of the people, please don’t just stay home; PRAY. Let us be the first line of defense. Because through our God, we will do valiantly.

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