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Day 15: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

Exo 3:16-4:12

(Daily Office of Morning Prayer)

God told Moses from the burning bush that He was truly concerned about His people being oppressed in Egypt and that He would bring them up out of affliction. And that they would not leave empty-handed without plundering Egypt.

May our goal not be to just survive this pandemic and then continue to merely exist. May we realize that God is using this adverse situation to cause us to come out of it not empty-handed, but with abundant life. That is, not just with recovered livelihoods but with His likeness which is what really satisfies and makes life full (Ps 17:15). May the quarantine teach us selflessness, consideration of others, unity and solidarity so that we get through it stronger and more mature. That's how we will plunder the enemy and hit it where it really hurts.

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