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Day 34: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

“For His lovingkindness is everlasting”​

Twenty-six times in just one psalm, the writer proclaims that God’s lovingkindness (mercy, love) is everlasting. He obviously wants to stress its truthfulness. For some reason, we subject this infinite love to our finite, nay dogmatic, thinking and limit the extent of it. We assume it goes only as far as certain things but not others, that it works only in this life but not after death. We even quote Scripture to try to prove it. But Easter debunks that big time. Forever means beyond death, which by the way lost its sting when it was confronted by Life Himself, in its homecourt no less. Even hell could not stop God’s love from saving Adam. Nothing and no one can overpower or outlast this everlasting love. If it goes that far, don’t you think it will be with us in any crisis?

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