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Day 43: Sunday Gospel Reflection

“We were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel”

The two disciples going to Emmaus were joined by Jesus but they didn’t recognize Him. As they were walking, they related to Him about this man named Jesus who was powerful in word and good works in the sight of God and all the people and that they were (past tense) hoping He would redeem Israel. That hope died when Jesus was arrested, humiliated, tortured and killed. They didn’t understand that Jesus was actually doing something greater when He was going through His passion and death.

Sometimes we believe when we see signs, wonders and blessings and we boldly pronounce our hope in God. But when adversity comes, we stop, not knowing that He continues to perform mighty deeds, usually even greater ones, at that time. It’s hard for us to see during the time but our eyes are opened afterward. And when we look back after a crisis, we realize that God never stops doing wonders, the greatest of which is loving us. We may be going through hard times, but God is working even now.

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