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Day 44: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

“No one who trusts in You will be disappointed” (Ps 25:3)

Decades of Daily Office made me notice Psalm 25 is a Monday psalm. But only today did I notice its layout which is simple and generally true: trust in the Lord, know and obey His ways and you will have blessings ahead of troubles. In this world that is still in the process of being fully restored, we have sorrows, yet also a promise that even though they are many, the Lord delivers us out of them all. Still, the blessings far exceed them. Jesus promised that he who has left house, family or livelihood for His sake and the gospel’s will receive a hundred times as much of those things, along with persecutions. That’s in this age. But in the life of the world to come, only eternal blessings will remain. It all starts with trusting in the Lord who can turn our mourning into dancing. This is how we overcome.

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