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Day 48: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

See to it that no one takes you captive through empty deception.

What good is the revelation of Christ as the hope of glory if we don’t follow Him? St. Paul warns against falling prey to the deceitful philosophy of the world and not holding on to Jesus’ teachings. Paul said one such worldly principle is the fleshly mind, the love of self - my welfare, my healing, my prosperity, my future place in heaven, my spiritual growth. But he says you cannot have Christ without His body, and the growth which is from God is the growth of the entire body, each part holding on to the Head and His ways. Victory is achieved also as a body. The individual parts of the renowned animated robot Voltes V won against their enemies only when they “volted” together to form one machine. Not one member won on their own. Jesus has made one new humanity. He did that so that we can have His victory against all enemies including viruses, poverty and injustice. So that we live as one, we grow as one, we fight as one. That’s the way of Jesus. Trust and obey Him, not the world.

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