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A COTK Feature Story

Imagine feeling intense pain in your body that you need to ignore because you have something important to do. So, you smile as if nothing is wrong. This is what Mrs. Remy Magdaluyo, a faithful usher in the Cathedral of the King for many years, experienced as she dealt with such discomfort in her lower back and stomach while assigned to serve during Sunday mass. Known as a kind, zealous and generous person, she, husband Jun, son Ymer (also ushers in COTK), and the rest of her family joyfully live out Remy’s favorite scripture, Joshua 24:15: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

In December 2004, when she was first brought to the ER for severe stomach pain, she was diagnosed with calcium stones. The doctor said that she was a ‘stone former’—someone who easily forms stones in their urinary tract. But through the years she refused hospital confinement; ignoring the pain, taking alternative medicine, and believing that God would heal her through prayer.

Then last May 1, she experienced extreme pain and difficulty urinating. She kept on praying and drank sambong, an alternative medicine. The following day, when she noticed a stone passing out, she felt relief and thanked God. But about three weeks later the pain recurred; this time, it was unbearable. She was rushed to the ER, but was still in great pain even after treatment. Doctors advised Shock Wave therapy to pulverize the stones and flush out her system. She cried for God’s wisdom, guidance and provisions, since Covid19 was still an issue and hospitalization was expensive and even dangerous. She finally consented and on June 21, 2021, underwent the treatment, believing that God would deliver her from being a stone former.

True enough, her recent check-up proved the procedure successful, an answer to her prayers. Remy believes those stones will no longer bother her as long as she maintains a disciplined diet. She will continue to serve the Lord with a big smile on her face and a true smile in her heart.

Yes, we sometimes experience pain in life, but as we seek God’s wisdom He delivers us through it. Our situations can bring a smile to our hearts if we continue to trust Him. Thanks be to God! . . . . . #COTK #CEC



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