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August 5, 2023 | WELLNESS IN ACTION


On August 5, from 8:00 am to 12 noon, the Marimar 1 Basketball Court was transformed into a hub of health and wellness during the “Wellness in Action” event, hosted by the Cathedral of the King. It featured an array of booths offering valuable information and interactive sessions on various aspects of health and well-being.

Attendees were provided with a unique opportunity to engage with experts and learn more about how they could improve their health. Table clinics were set up where everyone had access to free medical and dental consultations. Nutritionists from Nutrihub were present to provide diet and nutrition tips. Hydrogen-infused water from Japan called Izumio was also introduced for healthier aging. Dr. Charles Florendo, a sleep doctor was also available to address sleep-related issues. Young Living essential oils were showcased for their potential benefits in promoting healthier living. Numerous health benefits of malunggay were also explored as M2 offered their bestselling nutritious drinks and snacks. Many attendees also availed of the blood chemistry tests by Exact Check, given at discounted prices! Chair exercises were also conducted, and were absolutely enjoyed by children and adults alike.

The ”Wellness in Action” event was a success as it encouraged a diverse crowd of both children and adults to be eager in leading healthier lifestyles. After all, taking care of our health is our way of honoring the gifts God has bestowed upon us. When we are healthy and well, we are more able to accomplish great things for God’s Kingdom!

Writer: Lala C. Espina

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