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July 11, 2024 Daily Dose of Discernment

If God wants to demonstrate His anger and reveal his power, He can do it. But can’t He be extremely patient with people who are objects of His anger because they are headed for destruction? (Romans 9:22)

One of my favorite prayers says God's glory is seen not in works of power and wonder, but in mercy. Paul says He also gets offended, has a right to be angry, and can choose to demonstrate His might to vent His wrath on His offenders. But He chooses to reveal His glory another way - through His mercy.

We have been given dunamis, dynamite power, to be like God not primarily in His ability to perform miracles but in His character. Let us not misconstrue the reason we are partakers of His divine nature. With great power comes great responsibility. That responsibility is to love like He does.


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