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June 18, 2024 Daily Dose of Discernment

“Is the Lord’s power limited? Now you will see whether my word will be fulfilled or not.” (Numbers 11:23)

God had told Moses He would give the Israelites meat to eat in twenty-four hours. Moses wondered how He would accomplish this and asked if there could be enough cattle and sheep to be slaughtered or fish in the sea to feed about two million people in the wilderness.

The ways of the Omnipotent Lord of the universe are higher than ours. They're unlimited and beyond what we can fathom. The problem with us, like Moses, is we put Him in a box and confine Him within the boundaries of our finite understanding. But the good thing about Him is that despite our doubt, He displays His power in order to accomplish what concerns us and is for our good. Having such a Father should make us realize we have more things to give thanks for than to complain about.


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