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March 7, 2024 Daily Dose of Discernment

“You give them something to eat!” (Mark 6:36)


The disciples had just come from a mission Jesus sent them on. He recognized they could use some rest and recuperation and suggested they spend some time in seclusion. Then something He considered more important happened. He saw a large crowd following them and they were like sheep without a shepherd. He decided to forego their much-needed R and R and minister to the multitude. Toward evening, His disciples told Him to dismiss the people so they could buy themselves something to eat on their way home, and probably so they (the disciples) could finally spend whatever alone time they could and share the food that wasn’t even enough for half of them. Apparently to their surprise, Jesus told them to feed the thousands of hungry stomachs in front of them using the little they had.


Long story short, despite their meager resources, they followed Jesus’ instruction and gave up their right and sacrificed their own provision. The result? They met the enormous need of thousands and also their own and they were all satisfied together. We can experience the same if we learn to trust and obey our Lord.


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