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May 16, 2024 Daily Dose of Discernment

You should work hard with your own hands. Then you will be able to share what you have with people who are poor. (Ephesians 4:28)


Before the Israelites were to enter the Promised Land where they would prosper and have increased possessions, Moses forewarned them against forgetting what God has done for them and becoming arrogant and taking credit for their good fortune. He told them to remember that it is He who gives them ability to make wealth.


God has chosen gladly to give us His kingdom and richly supplies us with all things to enjoy. He also shows us the way to obtain the fullness of that enjoyment and cautions us as well about how greed and apathy ruin it. As the verse above says, we earn a living not only to meet our own needs but to share the fruit of our labor with others, especially those in need. Then we will experience heavenly bliss.


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