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Monday, February 5: “God Intentions XVI” 

“God Intentions XVI” 

Genesis 25: 31-33: “Jacob said, ‘First sell me your birthright.’ Esau said, ‘Behold, I am about to die; so of what use is the birthright to me?’ And Jacob said, ‘First swear to me,’ so he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob.” 

The stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are interesting, to say the least. Throw in some bibimbap and soju and you’d have all the ingredients of a successful K-Drama! At first Jacob comes off as sketchy, and Esau as the victim, but just like in K-Drama, after a long time (38 chapters) it all works out in the end; and we see that, as predicted (Genesis 25: 23), God loved Jacob best all along (Romans 9: 13).


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