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October 1, 2021: Daily Dose of Discernment

“Lord, I am not worthy for You to come under my roof, but just say the word, and my servant will be healed. (Matthew 8:8)

Being in the military, the centurion understands how authority works. He acknowledges that Jesus is Lord over sickness and death, and recognizes he needs His help. So he asked the Lord to save his servant. Jesus commended him for his faith and granted his prayer. People perish for lack of knowledge of God’s amazing grace. However, those who have a revelation of it (but not those who abuse it and so receive the grace of God in vain) receive abundant blessings as they live in it. Because it does not depend on the man who wills or the man who runs no matter how “worthy” they are, but on God who has mercy and freely bestows grace.”


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