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Spiritual Food in Quarantine

In my Bible, the first half of James 2 is entitled, “The Sin of Partiality.” It talks about the error of favoring the rich over the poor. Aside from financial status, some also categorize people according to certain moral codes so that some sins are severely denounced while others go unnoticed. For example, to some, homosexuality is taboo, but they are accustomed to bigotry and slander. After having become used to certain evil behavior, it becomes a log in one’s eye that is unseen, and yet the speck in others don’t escape notice.

Not having another’s weakness doesn’t make us better than they. For sure we have weaknesses that others don’t have. I’m not saying condone every sin; I’m saying don’t judge any brother. We will do well if instead of judging, we have compassion, realizing we ourselves are in need of mercy for our own sins.


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