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Spiritual Food in Quarantine

David uses hyperbolic language to express his determination to build a sanctuary for the Mighty One of Israel. He didn’t end up doing the task himself but he never gave up on the vision God gave.

Our church started 41 years ago. Early on, God also gave us a vision to build Him a facility in which we, being restored in His image and ever growing in love for Him, might become a habitation of His presence and ministers of His life. A couple of years ago, He granted us the grace to start fulfilling it, but we still have a long way to go. Faced with challenges within and without, our faith is being tested.

Cathedral of the King, and everyone else who’s ever been part of this dream, Advent is a few days away. It will remind us again to never lose hope. Having put our hand to the plow, may we not be distracted but have David’s zeal and continue to run with the vision. He who promised is faithful and is still in the process of completing the good work He began in us. Hope in Him. It will not disappoint.


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