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Thursday, February 25: “Faithful Intercessor”

Deuteronomy 9: 26: “And I prayed to the Lord, and said, ‘O Lord God, do not destroy Your people, even Your inheritance, whom you have redeemed through Your greatness, whom You have brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand.” Mary appealed to the human side of her son, reminding Him of His calling. We call it prodding. We remind each other to be obedient to our faith. We call it encouragement. We remind God of His promises concerning us. We call it prayer. No, we aren’t reminding a forgetful God of what He must do for us; we’re simply showing Him that we remember Whom He has revealed Himself to be. And in response to our pleas to know Him more, He gives us His own form of prodding, encouragement, and reminder. We call it the Scriptures. (Deuteronomy 10: 4)


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