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Tuesday, June 18: “Selective Recall”

Numbers 11: 23: “And lovingkindness is Yours, O Lord, for You recompense a man according to his work.“

Can God be full of lovingkindness and, at the same time, repay us according to our works–good or bad? Absolutely. His lovingkindness brings forgiveness for our sin. It restores our union with Him, and gives us eternal life. But this action is entirely different from recompense according to works. God’s recompense is not evil-spirited vengeance, but more love-inspired discipline, which is what any good father would mete out (Hebrews 12: 7-11). All of which is why to excuse sin and say, “It’s OK, it doesn’t matter, God forgives” leads to great surprise when recompense eventually comes into play.


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