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The Ushers and Greeters are frontline ministers, being the first to meet parishioners and visitors when coming to Cathedral of the King. We are the gatekeepers with smiles and watchful eyes who welcome and attend to the needs of churchgoers while ensuring an orderly flow of Masses with the least distraction for the people to receive from God in an atmosphere of worship.



The ministry was first organized in the 1970s by the late Bro. Frank and Mommy Nats Jorvina (parents of Fr. Roberto and Fr. Dino) of Makati Christian Center in Bel Air, Makati. Other committed servants namely Dcn. Joe Calulo, Bro. Rudy Tienzo, Dcn. Leo Santos (current head), Fr. Adel Jandayan, Bro. Ben Virtusio+, Bro. Mar Ojeda+, Bro. Tony Rodriguez, Bro. Mike Miranda, Dcn. Ver Dulay+, Dcn. Mannie Diaz+, etc. later joined the group along with almost 200 other ushers who served as auxiliary ministers when the church (this time called Christian Life Fellowship) was housed in the Magallanes Theater in the 1990s. Calling themselves “servants of the servants of God”, the ministry has continuously evolved to visibly support all other activities of the church (now Cathedral of the King) whenever necessary.



To develop a ministry which will collectively work as a team, creating a warm and loving environment for the parishioners and visitors of Cathedral of the King by welcoming and providing them assistance while maintaining reverential order during Masses.    



To be doorkeepers in the house of God, serving Him and His people by making everyone feel welcomed, loved, and valued as they enter Cathedral of the King.




Prepare the venue for worship.

Meet and greet incoming parishioners and visitors.

Conduct health safety checks for everyone’s benefit.

Guide parishioners to their seats and assist them with any need.

Maintain order and proper decorum before, during, and after the Mass.

Keep the sanctuary or premises clean and safekeep found items.

Keep track of the number of attendees and provide information or feedback regarding any concerns.

Assist other ministries during special events.

Maintain enough ushers by expanding the ministry through recruitment.

Implement a training/mentorship/discipleship program.  



For those who have the heart to serve as an Usher, please feel free to get in touch with Dcn. Leo Santos ( or Lou Lim (

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