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Koinonos, from the ancient Greek word κοινωνός, means "companion", "comrade", or "fellow soldier". A comrade or a fellow soldier by definition is a friend or trusted individual with whom one has experienced great obstacles or difficulties and has proven to be loyal, for better or for worse. In a deeper sense, it denotes "a partaker" or "partner". In 1 Corinthians 10:20 it is used with ginomai, "to become", "that ye shall have communion with", "fellowship with". 

Through Koinonos, we hope to be not only comrades in times of difficulties, but more importantly, partners who have fellowship and relationship with one another. We are the voice of hope and restoration to the people. We are the avenue of ideas, both great and small. We form a collective mind and heart, with the ultimate goal of uniting everyone in the community. We aim for the change and transformations in men's hearts and minds as only then will we realize the love and unity that we have longed for.


As a community, we are to make sure that the Koinonos continues to edify and build up one another and ultimately, the Body of Christ.

We welcome you to every issue of the Koinonos. We hope for your enthusiastic participation as we move on to better heights for the glory of God.

By: Ignatius Norberto Go and Nimfa Grace Jorvina


From Volume 13 Issue 1


KERUSSO Vol 5 Issue 3

A magazine published by:

Parish Church of St. Augustine

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