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Back in July of 2016, as I was preparing to go to church one morning, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. I thought I was only experiencing severe fatigue, so I began my trip to church. As I reached South Super Highway, the pain became more intense. Arriving at the church, I attended the Morning Office, but the pain continued to grew more intense and was radiating to my lower abdomen. When it got to the point where I was having a hard time sitting or standing up straight and had to crouch to ease the pain, I decided to go home. This was the first time I had experienced this level of pain. It was unbearable. I thought if I could rest a little, maybe the pain would ease somewhat.


Finally by noon I decided to go see a doctor, so I called my wife to accompany me. The doctor checked me and I was advised to have an ultrasound. After going through the process of preparing for the ultrasound, the doctor scanned both my kidney areas and other internal organs beside them. When I read the results my heart sank: I had kidney stones, 4 stones in my left kidney, 2mm to 4mm in size, and in my right kidney 6 stones, 2mm to 6 mm in size. Both my kidneys were already swollen and pushing the internal organs beside them; that was the cause of the pain. 


I was advised to see a Nephrologists (Doctor that specializes in health and diseases of the kidneys). We went to the hospital that day as I was still bearing the tremendous pain.  While waiting for the doctor, I prayed to God for His healing and I confessed that I didn’t want to undergo an operation, but still “Thy will be done.”  I believed He would give me the courage to face any circumstances and the means to overcome them. After several minutes I felt the pain began to subside slowly. As we entered the doctor’s clinic, the pain was almost gone.


I gave him the results of my ultrasound and confirmed that I had kidney stones. He wanted me to undergo an MRI to confirm the stone composition to give him an evaluation what should be done to remove the stones. The MRI is a more advanced process; it gives you a two dimension picture of a specific organ. I was scheduled for a MRI and to make the story short, after getting the result, I went back to my doctor. He was surprised that he could not find any stones in my kidneys. Both were a little swollen, but no stones. He looked at the result several times but still couldn’t find any stones. So he finally cleared me, saying that I had no kidney stones. I asked him what happened to the stones and looked at his face. It took him a while to answer me, but he eventually said they went out with my urine. That was the doctor’s interpretation, but I did not see any stones came out with my urine. I am certain that God’s power healed me.


There are times we have to experience pain and sorrow so that we may learn to comfort and identify with those who are in discomfort. God will provide the will to overcome our difficulties.


By Dcn Garry F. Salguero

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