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In the Charismatic Episcopal Church we embrace the three streams of Charismatic, Evangelical and Sacramental Worship.  Our worship services, especially on Sunday, reflects all these three elements.


"The Eucharist" (meaning Thanksgiving) refers to the celebration of the Lord's Supper, a Sacrament instituted by Jesus on the night before His crucifixion which culminates in the receiving of His Body and Blood.  Just as the Lord fed the Israelites with daily manna from Heaven, miraculous food which gave them supernatural nourishment for their journey to the Promised Land, He feeds His people today with spiritual food, empowering us with His grace for our life's journey from glory to glory.  We affirm the presence of the Lord Jesus among us as we His people gather at His Table.


The form or shape of the ceremony in which this takes place is called "The Liturgy" (meaning the work of the people).  Every Church has a Liturgy, although not all of them include a celebration of the Eucharist.  Our Liturgy in the CEC is provided by the Patriarch's Council in a book called the Sacramentary.  It includes a Lectionary (a prescribed set of Scripture readings for each Sunday of a three-year cycle, along with other readings for other Holy Days and celebrations), prayers, creeds, and other elements that have been in the traditional Church's Liturgy for many centuries.  These elements usually conform to a shape which is also ancient and universal.  However, within the Liturgy, Charismatic and Evangelical expression is also encouraged and expected.  Just as the Host at the Eucharistic Table is Jesus Christ, the Presider of the Liturgy is the Holy Spirit.


Within the Sacramentary there are numerous options which can be chosen to fit the season, occasion, and level of solemnity of a particular celebration. There is freedom within its order, so that worshipers need not run into the danger of being stifled by the letter of the law.  The goal is always to lead each participant of each service into a real encounter with the risen Christ.

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