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Session II – Grace In The Moment

God is at the present: the I AM.   Time is only of the essence; time is the essence of God; the I AM.

The real problem of life is not a lack of time; the real problem of life is a lack of thanksgiving.

Writing gifts is a time to celebrate; writing a thousand gifts will positively, profoundly, and powerfully change your life.

Habits can imprison you or can free you.  There are five results of a habit of having  a gratitude list:  relative absence of stress and depression; make progress in personal goals; reports higher levels of determination and energy; feel closed in relationship and desire to grow in relationship; increase happiness by 25%.

Jesus said that when your eyes are good, your whole body is filled with light; when your eyes are bad, your whole body is filled with darkness. 

New life comes out of a dark place.  Emptiness can birth the fullness of grace because it is an opportunity to turn to God.

Darkness transfigures into light; Bad transfigures into good; Grief transfigures into grace; Empty transfigures into full.

Slow down to see each moment as a gift.  Slow down to surrender.  Slow down to savor and believe in the goodness of God.

A thousand fears may come upon us, but He lays a thousand gifts in our hands.

Slow down in gratitude; give thanks to God for His love endures forever.  Forever is made up of moments and every moment is a gift all by His grace because everything is being transfigured to bring glory to God.

Personal Reflection:

  • Cite daily miracles that you might have missed because you led a fast-paced busy life.

  • How can you discover God as the “I AM” who is with you at all times and in all places?

  • What if the things that feel like trouble are gifts of grace?

  • Tell of a breakthrough of God’s presence into one of your dark moments.   How did thankfulness eventually become part of this experience in your life?

Group Activity: 

What tends to keep you from slowing down and how can your group members pray for you and encourage you in your effort to do so?

Read Psalm 46:10-11, Psalm 127:1-2, Genesis 2:1-3.  If you have developed some skills or abilities to slow down and think deeply of the good things, share what you have learned with your group.

Our Prayer:

  • Thank God that He is patient with you, even when you rush around and hurry after things that don’t satisfy your soul.

  • Pray for eyes to see where you are rushing and how you can slow down.

  • Ask for strength to meet God and experience thankfulness even in the dark and painful times of uncertainty.

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to grow your ability to notice the good gifts around you and slow down to appreciate them.

  • Pray for strength to meet God in the hard times and be a person of eucharisteo even when it is a challenged.

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